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"A Portrait of Mommy"

by JL Coston
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     "A Portrait of Mommy" is a book that captures the life journey of Ellawese Darden, affectionately known as Mommy.  In a society that often dishonors the elderly or believe their days are over, are mislead and don't know Mommy.  She is a picture of beauty on the inside and out as her inner light shines brightly in this dark world.  Today at eighty-eight years young, she is alert, vibrant, possessing wisdom and knowledge that is endless.  She continues to work and drive daily and will share good advice to the young as well as the old.., whoever will listen.  When you sit and allow Mommy to share her life story, it's amazing.  I am convinced Mommy's light is needed now more than ever before.  This book is my mother's story.  JL Coston   

     As Darden leads others through her story that began in a small town called Jacksonville, Georgia in 1929, she details a challenging early childhood after tragedy temporarily forced her family apart.  They eventually reunited in Pennsylvania, and she chronicles a coming of

age journey filled with bullying, heartache, and the abandonment of her mother.  As she matured into womanhood, Darden discloses how she learned to lean on her faith to find joy

in everyday life while bravely facing hardship.

   "A Portrait of Mommy" reveals the true story of a woman and her journey that will inspire both the young and the old to persevere, no matter what problem or obstacles they face.  Darden weaves personal anecdotes with faith filled messages encouraging forgiveness and unconditional love for everyone.  

View of: Stone Mountain Georgia


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